Introduction to Our World Class Solutions

Reduce energy of at least 66% on your current hand dryers across your estate.

Data capture customer profiles in compliance with new regulations.

Increasing commercial interaction with customers within the venue and anywhere in the world through advertisements and competitive games.

Cross-sell between brands.

Reduce labor costs, and be pro-active around cleaning strategy within the washroom.

Create revenue for the venue in many ways.

Schedule washroom cleaning based on actual footfall and improve resource efficiency.

Monitor facility footfall remotely, watch developing trends, benchmark & save.

Not Just Smart, Really Smart

Built on Intel® ATOM and Smart Connect Technology, the unique dryer uses its in-built sensors to report dryer usage in real-time, using the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver unrivalled energy, waste and resource savings – driving washroom inspections to be based on actual footfall (by alerting cleaners to washroom needs) rather than timed intervals. Its in-built screen engages users with real time one-to-one static or HD video messages.

Enterprises can use real data to push content and drive additional revenue streams. It’s a game changer!

Transform wasteful and costly washrooms into connected, hygienic, and sustainable revenue-producing assets.

Our Dryer Vs. Conventional Dryers

Brushed Motors

Brushed Motors (the vast majority of current estate) – Noisy, carbon hungry, short life span, pollution via dust particles.

Heating Elements

High voltage electricity, energy hungry, high failure rates, uneconomical.

Hands-in Design Dryers 

Collects water and bacteria, increasing the risk of cross contamination, high maintenance, staining on floors, expensive to install.


Rental or purchase costings, hand dryers will range from £750 – £1,000 each.

No Benefit

No financial benefit to the supplier.

Purchase Cost

Most hand dryers will take over a year to pay for themselves when bought outright.

Rental Cost

Rental hand dryers will continue to cost year on year with max of 3 year warranty.

The Mobile Interaction

Imagine your Wi-Fi being a revenue stream instead of an expense.

Using mobile technology to interact and know your customer base, allowing you to become smarter and engage at the right moments to drive future traffic through all of your estate.

Through using our hand dryer and beacon technology your customer will use your app to connect to the Wi-Fi and then this application will stay on the handset until they wish to connect again. Because the application is on the handset this allows you to communicate and drive traffic not just within the estate but anywhere in the world.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th 2018, and means that companies requesting personal data from users to join a public Wi-Fi network will face fines if they continue to do so. This means that systems that request users to give personal information to join a network will not be able to operate anymore.

Our method of authentication to your public wireless network just requires a user to download your app and does not take any personal information but still allows you to communicate and market yourself to them when they leave the store.

QSR Platform

The QSR platform is an enabler which incentivises consumers to download and retain apps on their phones in the QSR sector.

At its core it is an on-boarding Wi-Fi app available via the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

Once installed the app grants access to the vendor’s Wi-Fi, and acts as a passport to all future connections of the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi can only be on-boarded via the app, so this ensures that the app is retained on the device.

The time it takes to download and install the app then connect to Wi-Fi is dependent on the bandwidth available at the vendor’s premises, but averages about 30 seconds.

The average time it takes to fill in an online form to gain access to a public Wi-Fi spot is approximately 2 minutes.

The QSR app not only considerably reduces this time, but eliminates the need for the user to enter sensitive personal information. Assuming the user keeps the app on their device, then it doesn’t need to be downloaded for subsequent visits, and on-boarding of the Wi-Fi takes place, just by launching the app.


What Can The QSR Platform Do?

Acquire new customers and exploit trends via our unique Wi-Fi on boarding app and dashboard with smart analytics.

Collect and use actionable key data such as demographics, user habits, age ranges and location data to engage and retain users.

Our easy to use Predictive Intelligence Engine is able to deploy various campaigns, such as targeting users near your competitors, which can be set up and deployed based on time, user location, and many other key metrics, or simply dropped on to a map in real time to target all customers within a specified vicinity.

Our App download is held on mobile devices 9 times longer then standard apps.

Beacons detect when a customer is near or in-store, engagement notifications are then sent automatically based on campaign parameters you define.

Want to know more about our solution?

Data Driven Dashboard

Our dashboard makes it easier for you to manage and understand your customer and facility using real-time data and visuals.

Drive dedicated advertising campaigns.

Drive cleaning efficiencies.

In Summary

Our world class innovations change what is usually a cost into a revenue stream.

3 funding modules for you to chose from.

Free advertising for the venue/group with guaranteed eyeball time.

Customer interaction.

Customer demographic capture.

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